Our Vision

Most watch brands pride themselves on being around for a long time and sticking to the same old tradition. Rakani prides itself on being innovative, creative and rethinking every aspect from design to packaging. Our vision is to design timepieces with meaning adding value beyond the product itself. Rakani, Defining Time.

Meaningful Design

Rakani designs meaningful and relevant timepieces. Our unique process begins by developing a specific theme people can relate to. Each individual design is then inspired by that theme and are put together to form an expressive collection.

Custom Quality

Rakani’s relentless focus on quality is evident throughout the brand as we customized several otherwise standard features. We designed a three-piece watch case with a fine brush finish, double padded the leather bands for added comfort and durability, and customized the package into a useful travel case.

Classic Creative Style

Rakani provides an intriguing balance of creative designs within classic styles. Our unique timepieces have an artistic appeal that are appropriate for any occasion and relevant for years to come.


The Rakani story began in March 2012 when founder Chirayu Patel gave his girlfriend a watch for her birthday. She jokingly asked if the watch was meant to keep her from always being late. Although it wasn't, it made him realize that watch designs today have no particular meaning behind them. This idea inspired the premise behind Rakani, which is to create meaningful designs that have significance beyond the product itself.


Rakani was founded in 2013 by designer and entrepreneur Chirayu Patel, CFA. Chirayu grew up in Pennsylvania and is the son of Indian immigrants Vijay and Lalita Patel. He graduated from Penn State University in 2006 and has been working at the largest asset manager in the world since. His role as a global investor has allowed him to spend time in 13 different countries and helped shape his innovative thinking. Chirayu’s unique fusion of finance and fashion is expressed through Rakani's distinct designs and classic creative style.


Rakani originates from the Indian surname Ramrakhani. The name itself has no predetermined meaning, but instead symbolizes the foreign flare with which the brand is premised on. Our name, our brand, our customers all represent the true global essence of Rakani.